How do I manage my account?

Can I easily manage Google Apps for my business?

As an administrator of your Google Apps account, you’ll enjoy a new way of managing your users’ services from the cloud. This can be as simple as adding users to your account, activating their email or letting them start using services. Google Apps also gives you additional controls over your users’ data and security that we recommend you take advantage of. Inwiz will also help you learn the basics of managing your Google Apps setup for routine, recurring tasks.

How do I add and manage my users?

To let people in your organization start using Google Apps, you must add them to your account. You can do this from any computer or even your mobile device using the Google Admin console. In any web browser, go to and sign in with your administrator name and password. You also use the Admin console to manage users’ services and passwords, as well as all other aspects of your account.

Can I grant administrator privileges to other users?

Yes. No matter what size your organization is, we recommend that you distribute the responsibility of managing your users and services among a select set of trusted users. You can grant a user administrative privileges by assigning them one of the available administrator roles. Assigning a role grants the user access to your Admin console. You can make a user a super administrator who can perform all tasks in the Admin console. Or you can assign a role that limits which tasks the administrator can perform, for example, by allowing them only to create groups, manage service settings, or reset a user’s password.

Can I control users’ access to certain features or services?

Initially, most services are turned on for all your users. You can use your Admin console to turn off services you don’t want people to use, or to customize how services work. You have the option of enabling the same settings for everyone or applying unique policies to different users. For example, you might turn on Hangouts just for your support team or allow only the marketing department to share public Google Sites.

Can I test new features and products before releasing them to my users?

You and your users receive new features and updates automatically, without needing to install or update any software. However, you can easily track upcoming releases via Google’s release calendar or blog. If you want to test new features and products before making them available to your users, choose the scheduled release track in your Admin console. If you want them to be available as soon as Google rolls them out to consumer users, select the rapid release track.

Does Google Apps allow me to manage mobile devices?

Manage your organization’s mobile devices—without the need for an on-premise device management server—using the Google Admin console. You can enforce policies over your users’ mobile devices and perform actions like remotely wiping phones or tablets.

Can I manage multiple domains with Google Apps?

If your organization acquires a new domain name or does business at multiple domains, you can add all your domains to your account at no extra cost. Users can then have identities at one or more of your domains while sharing services as part of a single organization.

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