How do I get started with Google Apps?

Can I try Google Apps before I buy it?

Yes. You can use Google Apps for 30 days free with no commitment. Sign up in minutes and create accounts for up to 10 pilot users in your organization. To get the most out of your trial, we recommend identifying at least three important tasks you want to explore, such as collaborating on documents, launching a video meeting in Hangouts or checking Gmail from your mobile device. Enter your billing information within 30 days to avoid a disruption in service.

Can I use my own domain with Google Apps? What if I don’t have a domain?

To use Google Apps, you’ll need a domain name such as Your domain name is what appears after the www. in your website URL. If you already have a domain, just enter it during the signup process; you will then verify that you own the domain in three easy steps. If you need a domain or want a different one, we’ll check to see if it’s available and provide it at our very competitive rates.

How long does it take to set up my account?

After you sign up for Google Apps, you will need to set up the account. Inwiz offers complimentary Same Day Setup so usually your account will be up and running within one or two hours of us receiving the payment and technical details for accessing the domain name. The setup duration depends on how many users you’re creating and how much data you’re migrating over. You can add users and migrate data at any time, not just during the initial setup. In rare cases it may take longer if you do not have access to your domain name registration account.

Will I experience email downtime during my transition?

To set up email with Google Apps, we need to direct your domain’s mail flow to your Google Apps account. We do this by pointing your domain’s Mail Exchange (MX) records to Google. MX record changes can take up to 72 hours to go into effect, but they typically happen much sooner. Therefore, we recommend making the switch on an evening or weekend when you receive fewer emails.

What happens to my existing mail, contacts, and calendar data when I move to Google Apps?

When switching to Google Apps from another program or web service, you and your users can bring your existing mail, contacts, and calendar data with you. We have a variety of options for migrating data into Google Apps, depending on the size of your organization and the system you’re migrating from. Tools are available for migration from Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, IMAP servers and other Google accounts.

Is it really worth the trouble of learning a new set of tools?

When organizations switch to Google Apps, we often find that many employees are already using Google tools in their personal lives. This means they can quickly pick up the basics with little to no training. But even if you’re not accustomed to Gmail and other Google services, our tools are simple and intuitive enough for everyone to learn them quickly and easily. We also offer plenty of guides, videos and tips for business users and admins.

Can I get someone to set up Google Apps for me?

Inwiz will setup Google Apps for you and also provide you with the necessary tools to effectively manage your setup! This service is free of cost! Enjoy!

We are an experienced IT service company that can help you evaluate, customize, deploy and transition to Google Apps. We can also provide training, data management and ongoing support. We have different rates for these services, but the standard initial setup and guidance is completely free.

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